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ilu guys but new adult =/= adult fiction or young adult. thanks tho!!!

So I just had to google “new adult” and I’m really glad I did because I didn’t realize this was its own genre, and this seems like the genre I would most enjoy (outside of anything with witches, of course. Do they the make new adult books with witches because I would like to read all of those books and immediately?)

that’s okay - a lot of people don’t know! i haven’t come across any about witches, no. :((((

twentysomethingvagabond is supposed to keep me updated on cool genres like this.

Maureen, I think sometimes you forget I don’t know as much about books as you do. 

Oh no, Maureen! I apologize. You did recommend Fangirl to me like 100 times.

Ayyo I just commented on this but I’ll keep going:

- I didn’t mention it because I don’t particularly care for it, so I don’t read much of it. Manda is the reason I’ve been reading more of it lately, because I try not to be judgy (and because Manda has good taste and I respect her and therefore read things she suggests,) and attempt to follow trends because ~publishing~ or whatever. 

-Fangirl is YA. But you should read it anyway. The end.

Oh, it was listed under New Adult in Goodreads.

I was just thinking maybe it’s a good genre for the Wino Book Club. 

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missa-belle replied to your post “i have such a book hangover from RED RISING, I can’t even deal with…”

BB I’m almost done with Allegiant! Then I can read the book club book!

Oops I still don’t have that and I now owe the library money….

Ugggh flashbacks to the tens of dollars I owed in library fines while writing my thesis. And all my library friends being like “Oh I can wave those for you. Oh wait, those are for Link + books. You’ll need to pay those to graduate.”

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BACK IN STOCK: These cute kitty keychains are not toys, but are in fact a very serious defense weapon.

And don’t forget to use coupon code ‘SHIPFREE’ to get FREE SHIPPING on any domestic order! Hurry and order now!

I fucking hate this. Women need actual fucking weapons on their keychains as if keys between our knuckles is not enough to keep us from getting raped. 


Because my mother taught me to keep my keys between my knuckles, and if this is something I have to teach my daughters, I will sob.

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