Giving a Damn

"Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." - Rebecca West

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"Hold me tight"

It took me long time, but it’s finally finished~

I’m not going to try this kind of painting for a while…

Larger view

  • UPDATE: Any resemblance with this other artwork is pure coincidence, same anatomy references were used. Don’t send her hate messages please.

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Anonymous asked: Kaley decided herself to cut her hair off for a movie role, she offered to wear extensions for the show but the producers liked it short, just saying.

Maybe my first post wasn’t clear enough. I have no problem with her short hair. Women should be allowed to wear their hair however they want. My post was pointing out that there are some people on the internet who dislike her hair because it is short and more “masculine.” It is criticism actresses face all the time, and it is a problem with our society as a whole that men think women should dress and wear their hair for men’s pleasure. 

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Everytime I try to put makeup on my eyebrows I end up looking like an angry German woman. And while I AM an angry German (American) woman, it’s just not a good look for me. :/

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Big Bang Theory started back up tonight & the MRA fuckwads are already outraged that Kaley Cuoco got a less-stereotypically-feminine haircut. Heaven forbid women have autonomy over their own bodies and hairstyles! 

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